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Creative Social Studios is home to a bunch of creative geniuses passionate about their profession. We are one of the few agencies with over 10 years of experience in protecting reputation online, creating digital media strategies and managing social media for all sorts of clients. CSS is an American-European company dedicated to developing high-impact strategies in digital and social media, as well as to protect the reputation of our customers on the internet. We have also been pioneers in the industry of digital strategies since 1998 and we were among the first companies to do real-time monitoring in the United States and Mexico through social networks. Since 2005, we have worked in over 90 political campaigns, including Presidential, Gubernatorial, Mayoral, County and Senate seats in both Mexico and the United States, with a 98% success rate in the campaigns in which we have participated.


Our purpose is to provide services with high creativity and extraordinary results for our clients, so that they meet their marketing and digital communication goals in an innovative way.


To be a different company, relevant to both our clients and our team, and together position ourselves as a leading creative agency in the development of digital communication strategies.


We are a company that believes in the intrinsic moral value and a healthy human spirit, where we promote through respect and honesty; a creative, personal and professional growth of each person who works under our brand.

Our Services

  • Social Media

    Community Management

    Online Moderation

    Public Relations on Social Media

    Crisis Management

    Social Lead Generation

    User Engagement

    Social Media Analysis

  • Creative Services

    Cross Media Design

    Creative Strategies

    Online Guerrilla Marketing

    Graphic & Web Design

    Web 3.0 & 4.0 Development

    Software Development

    App Development IOS & Android

  • Online Marketing

    Owned Media Development

    Full Media Management

    Paid Media Strategies & Analysis

    Advanced Social Media Optimization

    Search Engine Optimization

    Content Development and Copywriting

    Wikipedia Strategies and Submission

  • Reputation Management

    Real Time Data Intelligence

    Brand Analytics

    Bad Content Suppression

    Reputation Intelligence

    24/7 Reputation Protection

    Social and Web Monitoring

    Customer Review Monitor and Fixes

  • Political Development

    Political Strategies on Digital Media

    Database Management (Social Media & Registries)

    Real-Time Campaign Analysis

    Custom-Made Campaign Apps

    Web-Based Reach Campaigns

    Big-Data Strategies to Maximize Goals

    Print and Web Cross Strategies

  • Online Publications

    Top Rated Content Development

    Top Rated Linking Strategies

    Compatibility with Google requisites

    Relevant to our clients, products or companies

    News Outlets Management

    Full Development and Management

    7 Languages managed in-house

Social Networks


Creative Social Studios, is a factory of ideas. We specialize in digital media marketing. Social networking is our passion: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, plus 30 more… you name it, we’ll handle it.

We are proud to work with clients in 6 continents, to whom we manage their social media accounts, their online reputation and websites.

Creative Social Studios can make any idea or strategy work to the max and in record time. We have specialists working in 3 different countries 24 hours a day.

We have over 15 professional certifications and are a multi award-winning creative agency. Our unique approach to digital and social media has been our brand quality that clients recommend over and over again.

We have a long experience working with very discreet personalities from top level world leaders, to rockstars, entrepreneurs, and a few very interesting brands, all of which we cannot name, but did certainly gave us unique experiences that have given our team a set of skills which not many agencies have or can offer.

Meet the team

Creativity starts with an idea, but what takes you to success is the execution of that idea with intelligence, skill and innovation.
Meet our geniuses.

Gabriel Ángel Romero

Braulio Romero

Gabriel Romero

Rosario Ascencio

Isabel Monreal

Javier Paz

Valeria Salinas

Mónica Carranco

Daniela Casillas

Brenda Márquez

Alejandro Villarroel

Carlos Franklin

Daniela Rodríguez

Ale Moreno

Alexandra Flores

Anafer Moreno

Estefania Franklin

Lili Sierra

Ivan Vitanov

Jan Antonie Bánki

Fiona Thomson

Marc Ribas

Alisa Kharms

Jesús Acosta


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